Khatrimaza Movies download 2020 Alternatives and other options

Khatrimaza is a torrent download site that allows users to download and watch movies for free. It must be noted at this point, that this site is neither legal nor has the right to make the many movies on this platform downloadable for users around the globe. Having made this point, it is safe to say that Khatrimaza is an incredibly popular source for free movie downloads by Indian movie watchers. The primary feature of this site is an extensive movie library of cinematic productions from around India and across the world.

As such, Khatrimaza is known for an extensive collection of movies in a wide range of Indian languages including TV shows and popular web series. Khatrimaza features movies in Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Assamese, Bengali, Punjabi, and Hindi. Additionally, one can download Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi on this site, which makes this platform a popular option for free online entertainment. Unlike Netflix or Amazon Prime, Khatrimaza does not come with a monthly subscription charge and it is not a legitimate streaming service. In fact, Khatrimaza distributes Indian and Hollywood movie downloads illegally and free of cost.

However, Khatrimaza is not the only free torrent platform of its kind that specializes in Indian movies, dubbed Hollywood movies, web series, and TV shows. There are multiple alternatives to Khatrimaza wherein one can download movies and shows without paying a penny. These platforms boast of varying features and internet users may often prefer one of these sites over the other owing to the convenience of downloading free movies on these sites. To better understand the alternatives to Khatrimaza, a list of similar sites has been listed below for your benefit. Read further to know more about these free movies downloading platforms that often make going to the theatre a prospect that netizens would rather avoid.

More Khatrimaza Alternatives

Movies Joy

Name has the power to be parallel to the consequences. Movies joy is one of your searches. This is one of the similar site of the khatrimaza with the best deal ‘NO ADS’ (can you believe it?). Watch your favorite movies or TV series with free mind because it does not ask for any registration. All the movies here are absolutely free and can rate it as the best alternative.


M4ufree is an online platform through which a user can easily watch his favorite TV Shows, movies, video clips. The best part about this Website is that the user interface is straightforward and straightforward. Any user can quickly get access to this Website and enjoy their favorite content easily. In order to watch their favorite movies, TV shows, series or any other stuff online form, other users do not require paying any subscription, logging in, sign up or additional fees. Additionally, this website and its functions work also faster as compared to others.


Like Movies Joy and M4ufree, Solarmovie does not store movies on its server. Instead, you have access to links that lead you to third-party download sites. This does not have to be an inconvenience, especially when you have access to a greater number of movies, web series and TV shows, both Indian and international.

Solarmovie has a user-friendly interface that makes searching for the movie of your choice quite easy. It is a convenient alternative to khatrimaza though both platforms are quite different.

Yes movies

Many times ‘Yes movies’ would have been caught your attention. Well, this would be unfair to say Yes movie comes second in the list. Actually, it crosses the path of the best alternative of khatrimaza without any regrets and troubles while watching movies or TV series. This is because the very first thing which people demand or look for is the quality thing. Here, yes movies have made its character very much strong so that it can deliver high-quality content to its family. Like Movies Joy, it also does not demand any registration which also means it is absolutely free.


Fmovies is no less than other ones. It has its own individuality due to the features and qualities it carries with itself. Those, who love watching movies often and want to spend a good time with movies. They may try this alternative of khatrimaza once and it is guaranteed. Fmovies has everything which might surprise them as an avid movie watcher. It has collections from Harry potter to Five feet apart and from Diwar to Article 15. Here, it would have been cleared to you Fmovies has worked to offer all types of content without suffocating your choices. If you want you can also watch TV series without singing up plus, without any advertisement during the watch.

Amazon Prime

What was that dialogue? If you do not have Amazon prime then you have watched nothing. Of course, it asks you to pay for the membership but it is very less what it is giving to you. Amazon can be a good choice for those who can spend their money (very little it is just 123 or something) and asking for quality in return. This site is pretty much the same as solarmovies but this stands parallel to Netflix. You can imagine its content at least once in life you should go for this app. You will not like it, this is next to impossible. As it has a good collection of award-winning movies, TV series such as Ryan, Homecoming, and many more.

123movies Hub

Whenever you would hear this name you will learn when life hits you badly and if you have the potential to come out as a star: there you shine! Well, 123movies have the potential of shining even after getting cut from the movie list site once. But now it is back standing parallel to the khatrimaza alternatives and offering exactly what you are looking for. This is called swag 123movies has a good library, can say maintained one. Where you can find your favorite movies or movies you always wanted to see.


Vumoo has always been in the list of best movie-watching site. This also stands as a good alternative of the khatrimaza. So, if you have never used it before, go have your experience first and think why you have not used it yet. The library of vumoo is filled with a huge collection of movies, shows, and TV series.


Our quest for the best alternatives to Khatrimaza commences with the popular app Showbox. Unlike Khatrimaza you cannot download movies on Showbox without downloading the app to your device. The Showbox app is not available on Playstore or Apple Store but a quick Google search could help you find the link for Showbox. Unlike Khatrimaza, Showbox is not known for dubbed movies and mostly features Hollywood and Bollywood movies, TV series, web series, and popular TV shows.

There are reasons to believe that downloading apps like Showbox that allow for free movie viewing may also result in downloading malware to your device. As such, it is important to practice caution while downloading such apps. It must be noted though, Showbox does enjoy widespread popularity and many internet users prefer free movies and TV shows app such as Showbox overpaid services like Netflix, Voot, AltBalaji and Amazon Prime. There is no overwhelming evidence to prove that Showbox is safe or unsafe for downloading and as such; it is up to the user’s discretion to use or not use Showbox. is a popular alternative to Khatrimaza. However, its free services are strictly limited to streaming Indian and international movies and TV shows. Downloading movies from is possible with an external video downloader app. However, most users prefer to stream their favorite movies and TV shows on the site itself, provided they have access to high-speed internet services or buffering can prove to be an issue. has a limited archive of Indian language movies, and almost no international movies dubbed in Indian languages. However, is one way to stream movies from around the world and some of the most popular TV shows from the US. The advantage of is mainly applicable to users that enjoy watching the latest Hollywood movies and American TV shows. is known to stream movies in a matter of days after release in theatres, and American TV shows in mere hours after they premiere on television. is a great site to stream the latest episodes of Game of Thrones Season 8 which is currently one of the watched TV shows around the globe.

Pop-ups may prove to be a common and troublesome issue with, but it can easily be overlooked when you have free access to the best movies and TV shows.


Much like Showbox, Streamio is a popular movie and TV shows an app that has a significant archive of Indian and international movies, TV shows and web series. It is a popular alternative to Khatrimaza but unlike Showbox, is available for download on Playstore and Apple Store. Streamio is considerably safer for downloading as add-ons of this app do not download to your device. This prevents malware from getting into your device. Streamio allows users to stream and download movies seamlessly and works best when supported by high-speed internet services.

Streamio can be downloaded to your laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone and provides a convenient entertainment experience. This app features the best of Indian and international movies and TV shows and is quite popular with smartphone users.


While Hotstar is a paid streaming service, it can double up as it provides non-paying users free access to a significant amount of its content. It must be noted that users with a premium subscription have unfettered access to all shows and movies on Hotstar and if you find the free content limited in scope, then you can always bypass this platform

It is common for Hotstar to allow free access to movies and TV shows that have already released in theatres and have premiered on television in the recent past. However, one needs to avail of Hotstar premium subscriptions to watch the newest movies and TV shows. For example, you can watch older episodes of Game of Thrones on Hotstar or even older episodes of Koffee with Karan on Hotstar, but you cannot watch the newest episodes without paying for a premium user subscription.

Unlike Khatrimaza or, streaming movies and TV shows on Hotstar is hassle-free and does not hinder entertainment with commercials and pop-ups.


Khatrimaza is one of the closest to khatrimaza as all movies on this site’s archive are purely available for downloading. This is not a streaming service, free or otherwise. The Khatrimaza website provides a convenient user experience and finding and downloading movies and TV shows on this platform is easy as ABC.

When you get to the Khatrimaza homepage, what you see is an inventory of popular Indian and international movies that are directly available for download. If you do find the movie of your choice on the home page, you can use the search bar to find the specific movie you wish to download.

If you are on Khatrimaza to browse through the collection of movies on this platform, use the page tabs to find a movie that piques your interest. Khatrimaza is known for its inventory of downloads that includes old and new Bollywood movies, old and new Hollywood movies, South Indian Movies, Punjabi movies and even movies in other regional languages.

This site is also home to a significant number of Indian and international TV shows and web series that can be downloaded off the site for viewing.

If you are looking for an Indian movie’s free downloads site; it is difficult to beat has an extensive inventory of old and new Bollywood movies, dating back to the ’80s, and even movies that released in early 2019. However, that’s not all, use to download and watch your favorite new and old Hollywood movies, TV shows, and web series.

Additionally, boasts of a user-friendly interface wherein selecting and downloading the movie of your choice is easy and convenient. Search for movies based on genre or language, request movies that you cannot download on the site , and even enjoy access to a significant number of movies dubbed in Hindi for your convenience. is free and easy to use and requires downloading a movie or TV show prior to watching; these features make a close alternative platform. is passable as it allows you to download a wide range of Indian and international movies. However, it must be noted that will merely lead you to multiple links wherein you can download the movies of your choice.

A fundamental problem with this site is that it is impossible to rate or read ratings of the links posted here. As such, you are likely to spend a significant amount of time weeding out broken and defunct links. In spite of this, is still a popular option among internet user who prefers to download and watch movies for free. is an excellent alternative to Khatrimaza that allows you to stream and download movies on the same platform. A user-friendly interface and an impressive archive of movies, TV shows, and web series, make this site a popular fixture for those that prefer to stream or download movies for free.

It must be noted that has a significant archive of Indian movies in many different Indian languages. However, there are not as many Hindi language movies as ardent Bollywood fans would like. is also a great way to get free access to great original content that streams on paid streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. You can stream and download shows like Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, The Handmaid’s Tale, Sacred Games and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. As such, you don’t have to pay for any of these premium streaming sites when you have access to is yet another alternative that works the same way as Khatrimaza does. Use this website to download your favorite movies. Similar for watching movies or tv series, has a significant archive of Indian movies that overshadow international movie downloads on the site.

Using the site and find your favorite movies in the genres and languages you prefer is easy. Multiple tabs on the site will lead you to movie sub-categories such as Bollywood movies, animated movies, Hollywood movies, Tamil, Telegu, Punjabi and Malayalam movies.

One significant issue with this movie downloads platform is the pop-ups. Pop-ups are quite common on websites that allow you to download movies for free. However, the number of pop-ups on is overwhelming at times. is a resource for multiple links which will lead you to the movie downloads of your choice. You can find almost any movie here. However, you do have to try out several links before finding one that works in most cases.

It is a popular and even though the site leads to third party links, it provides access to a greater number of movies, web series and TV shows, both Indian and international.


Like and, Solarmovie does not store movies on its server. Instead, you have access to links that lead you to third-party download sites. This does not have to be an inconvenience, especially when you have access to a greater number of movies, web series, and TV shows, both Indian and international.

Solarmovie has a user-friendly interface that makes searching for the movie of your choice quite easy. It is a convenient alternative through both platforms are quite different.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that these sites are often blocked by the government of India in keeping with TRAI regulations. This should not be a problem as alternatives pop-up almost immediately with a slightly different website address. Moreover, you can use a VPN blocker to access any of these sites and many more, whenever you want, without hindrance.

These sites are sure to meet your entertainment needs as well as Khatrimaza does, and in some cases even outdo it. These movie download and streaming sites have been selected to cater to those that prefer Indian and Bollywood movies. However, these sites also give you ready access to the best international cinema and TV programming.

Disclaimer: This content is for reference purpose only and we do not support or promote piracy in any manner.

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